Dr Terrell A Waters and Associates
Family Dentist
Camp Springs, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Dr Terrell A Waters, DDS
Full Scope of Family Dentistry Available
Most Insurances Accepted
Treatment Appliances for Snoring and Clenching/Grinding Teeth
Children and Adults Treated
Walk-In Emergencies Accepted
Free Consultation (In No Treatment Visit)
Free Referrals If/As Needed

Full Dental Diagnostics (With X-Rays)
-- Routine Exam
-- Periodontal (Gum) Exam
-- Oral Cancer Screening

Preventive Dentistry (In-Office Fluoride Treatments)
Radiographic (X-Rays/Dental)
Restorative Treatments (Fills) All Types
Preventative Sealants For Children

Oral Surgery
-- Simple Extractions
-- Wisdom Teeth
-- Frenectomy

Endodontics (Some Root Canal Fills)

Periodontics (Gum Treatment)
-- Scaling and Root Planing
-- Regular 6 Months Cleanings

Removable Prosthetics
-- Full/Partial Dentures (Construction/Repair)

Crowns, Inlay and Onlays
-- Metal
-- Ceramic
-- Porcelain
-- Full Cast
-- Veneers

Implants (Some Types)
Fixed Bridges (Retained in Mouth)
Palliative Treatment
House/Hospital Visits
Occlusal Adjustments
Tooth Whitening

Metropolitan Dental Buildings:
South East Dental Building
4300 Wheeler Road SE
Washington, DC 20032-6036
Phone: 202-562-8827, 202-574-4449

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Dental Health Care Building
6001 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, MD 20746-4551
Phone: 301-899-1960

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For appointments or more information, call 202-562-8827

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